Cryogenic Metal Hoses
Cryogenic Stainless Steel hoses, Freon hoses

Cryogenic Metal Hose
Cryogenic Metal Hoses, Cryogenic Stainless Steel Hoses

Cryogenic Stainless Steel Hoses usualy are made of 1.4301 steel , passing standard pressure test 20-25 bar. Cryogenic Stainless Steel Hoses can be produced for higher pressure then 20 bar on request.

Hosemann’s Cryogenic Hose for DV and LKM assembly are produced as Stainless Steel Hose assembly with squere flanges welded on.

We do not recommend to use Stainless Steel Hoses and weld on carbon steel flanges or fittings, it can cost an electrochemical corrosion especially if hose is working in humid environment or medium is potentially corosive.

It is essential to remeber about it because if you find yourself in situation where your cryogenic hose is loosing Freon in other words cryogenic hose is leaking you face environment contamination problem which create pottential denger for crew working around especialy if your Freon unit is working /leaking in “closed area ( no fresh air)” becase Freon is displacing Oxygen which can cost crew suffocation, additionaly you face environment contamination punishment fee.

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