Fabric Compensators
Fabric Expansion Joint

Fabric Compensators
Fabric Compensator apear as some alternative for Metal Bellow Compensators especially where you deal with high vibration compensation expectations or you do have applications with high vibration, it can apear that working conditions exclude to use metal or rubber compensator and those two can be damaged because of to high frequency amplitude moment. Fabric Expansion Joints can be made of such materials like aluminosilicate (+1240 °C), glass fibre (+550 °C), silicon (+220 °C), PTFE (+250 °C), sometimes some steel fibre braid as reinforcement.

In our Fabric Expansion Joints production range are maybe 20 different material types with different thickness, density and different overall heat transfer coefficient and all this influence right construction with typical Fabric Expansion Joints sizes up to DN4000 mm.

Fabric Compensator – Fabric Expansion Joint
Fabric Expansion Joint example: aluminosilicate
Frame fitting both sides with holes
Frame – carbon steel
Working Pressure [Bar]: wp to 4 Bar
Burst Pressure [Bar]: wp to 6 Bar
Vacum [mmHg]: please consult with Hosemann
Working Temperature Range [°C]: -60 °C up to +1100 °C
Medium: Air, Exhaust
Sizes: Squere 4×4 m, Circle radius 2 m (different sizes on request)

Fabric Expansion Joint ( Fabric Compensator )
Axial movement 90% of lenght
Latheral movement 35% of lenght
Vibrations up to 50 mm

Materials which we use to use for our Fabric Expansion Joint