Hosemann operating on market since 2006 and in 2007 we was part of responsible project like rebuilding of Electric Steel Works in Batory Steel Plant located in Chorzow City after accidently blow up and killing 3 peoples.

HUTA BATORY after furnice blow up news paper report (READ REPORT IN POLISH).
We produced and supplied hoses and expansion joints for heavy industry field ( ARCELORMITTALl ) energy plants ( TAURON )and coke producers also oil&gas ( PKE ORLEN, GASSYSTEM ) and many other clients.

We are focusing our activity on clients needs and many times we supply solutions which are unusual or hard to make, from the other side we are capable to supply such simple products like ordinary hoses and axial expansion joints or just rough bellows

Hosemann Co are happy that step by step we work closer with serious investors and their representatives who are willing to trust us and working together for solve sophisticated problems… we would like to thank all our Clients for trust