BK precision pipes
seamless BK steel pipe

BK precision pipes
BK precision pipes, seamless BK steel pipe

precision pipes BK means pipes with no anti-oxidation annealing and no annealing at all.

We are able to supply high quality cold drawn seamless BK pipes produced according to the DIN2445 with no annealing at all – BK means no anti-oxidation annealing – pipe are not annealed in high temperature to get proper metal structure with or without antioxidation atmosphere inside the furnice.

You need to remember that beacuse we are using “protective gas atmosphere” to produce NBK pipes that proces is slightly more expensive then when GBK pipes or BK pipes, but you recive high quality product.

Adventages of BK pipes:

  • BK seamless pipes are cheap.
  • good hardness
  • dimension tolerance according the DIN standard
  • large range of material avaliable for application type according the Client needs, possible it to use stainless steel too.

Steel types avaliable for BK precision pipes annealing:

  • carbon steel, special steel (ST35, ST37.4, ST45, ST55, CK45, ST52 according DIN2391) OD = 4 ÷ 60 mm
  • stainless steel (304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L, 347H, 310S, 904L, 800H, S31803) OD = 6 ÷ 532 mm

BK precision pipe, BK pipe, seamless pipe BK , seamless BK pipe, BK pipe means no anti-oxidation annealing, BK pipe means no annualing at all