Multichannel Swivel Joints
multiple rotary connection

Multichannel Swivel Joints
Multichannel Swivel Joints / Multichannel Rotary Joint

Multichannel Swivel Joints can be used in heavy industry, oil and gas, lifts and cranes for Swiveling applications each time when need to be used to connect rotating equipement with some medium like oil, water or any coolant system which working under pressure the same time. Optionally Multichannel Swivel Joints has builded multichannel electrical connection called “multichannel PASSAGE” that Multichannel Rotary Joint construction are used for automatic control engineers to set up steering for sending electrical signals.

Multichannel Swivel Joints technical data:

  • up to 30 channels
  • connections sizes DN 6 to DN 600
  • Swivel Joints working pressure up to 2000 bar
  • Swivel Joints working temperature up to 320 °C
  • any fittings / flanges avaliable (stub pipe, flange, thread)
  • any medium: water, air, oil, oxygen

example of 5 channel swivel joint made of stainless steel

At the picture example of 5 channel swivel joint made of stainless steel

  • material: 1.4571
  • working pressure: 16 bar
  • test pressure: 40 bar
  • rotation: 1,2 min-1
  • temperature: app. 20°C
  • medium: oxygen
  • field of application: steel plant