Parker ITR Rubber Hose CERGOM 10

Parker ITR Rubber Hose CERGOM 10
High abrasive rubber hose CERGOM 10 is suitable for pneumatic suction and delivery of dry cement, coal, CDR (fuel by-waste material), minerals, ceramic powder, glass recovery, fibreglass, and to load tankers and storage bins or silos.

CERGOM 10 Rubber Hose is recommended for applications in the industries: steelworks, cookery, thermoelectric power plant, cement works, mining industries, ceramic works, glassworks, insulating material manufactures etc. Rubber hose CERGOM 10 is supplied in customized lengths assembled with standard flanges DIN PN 10/16 and, on request, with special fittings, the working pressure is of 3-6 bar according to assembly method.

This is special construction of rubber hose. Tube has ceramic hexagonal plates (sinterized Alumina) processed to match black BR/NR rubber compound, highly resistant to abrasion. The plates are made from Alumina Oxide and produced sinterizing atomized dust according to the most advanced technology.
A peculiar dense structure and a very high hardness are assured by a special manufacturing process. These features place this hose on top of quality for wear resistance as ever before.

The special inside surface guarantees a perfect flow of the medium avoiding problems due to packing and oxidation.

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