Rubber Hose VAPORE 164 by Parker ITR
for steam

Rubber Hose for steam VAPORE 164 by Parker ITR
Rubber Hose for steam VAPORE 164 is made of black, smooth, EPM nitrosamine free rubber compound, heat and saturated steam resistant…

VAPORE 164 is a rubber hose designed for saturated steam (max 6 bar at +164°C = 90 psi at +327°F) in general industrial hose application.

For that rubber hose use only couplings with safety clamps. Follow the coupling manufacturer’s instructions for coupling procedures. Check coupling tightness each time before use. Drain after use.
When not in use, store the hose on a flat surface (shelves) and never hang from a hook.

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Rubber Hose for cooling down. Rubber Hose for steam VAPORE 164

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