Axial Universial Expansion Joints
type: HCAU-1

Axial Universial Expansion Joints type: HCAU-1
Axial Metal Universal Expansion Joint type: HCAU-1 S/F

Axial Metal Expansion Joint basic construction designed for axial movement compensation only. That particular Axial Metal Expansion Joint is the most common for not complicated pipeline systems.

Usualy Hosemann’s Axial Universal Expansion Joint are usually made of stainless steel SUS304=1.4301 or SUS321=1.4541 (max working temp. 550 °C), sometimes where Expansion Joint high working temperature up to 1050 °C we are using stainless steel type SUS310S.

Basic Axial Expansion Joint usualy has welded stub pipes at the end or sometimes flanges on request, we are able to produce compensators with any size of stub pipes or any standard or non standard flanges type.

Each compensator is produced according client requirements, so you can not really say that “standard metal expansion joints” existing.

As an opption we weld a sleeve inside Expansion Joint just to protect bellows or better medium flow

Expansion Joint Example:

type: axial

size[mm]: DN12 – DN3000

expansion joint working pressure [Bar]: PN 1 – PN40

lenght and compensation: deppend on client requirements

  • A – Axial
  • L – Lateral
  • U – Universal
  • 1 – single / double
  • S – Stub pipe
  • F – Flange

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